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Get rid of roaches, ants, spiders, and other general pests with a professional pest treatment administered by one of our qualified pest technicians. As a special offer for home buyers, you can receive a Complimentary Cockroach Treatment Upon Settlement of Your Property.


Many different pests can become unwanted visitors or residents in your home. Often, the only way to get rid of them is to arrange a professional pest control treatment.Read below to learn more about some of the most common general pests in Brisbane.


ants under wooden door stepA familiar and very common pest, ants live in organised colonies that can number in the thousands. Their search for food often leads them to infest people’s homes. Once they’re in your home, they’re difficult to get rid of without a pest management treatment. Because they’re omnivorous, they’ll eat almost anything.

cockroaches on a concrete floor

Probably one of your least favourite home invaders, cockroaches are a common pest in Queensland. Roaches love vegetables, but you’ll also find them attacking butter, beer, starches, meat, and even leather. Nocturnal pests, they sleep during the day in cracks, crevices, storm water drains, sewers, retaining walls, and similar places. In addition to looking repulsive, they can carry and spread disease-causing organisms.


Silverfish are flat, long insects searching for warmth and food, making your home a perfect environment for them. They tend to live in open spaces such as wall voids, roof cavities, and sub-floor areas. Their favourite foods are rich in protein and carbohydrates, but they’re also able to live without food for long periods of time, making them a particularly stubborn pest once they settle into your home.


The term “webbing spiders” refers to spiders who create silk webs in order to get from place to place. You’ll often find these spiders around windows and curtains, railings, and gutters. Their webs are annoying to remove, and tend to catch the dust.

red back spider

An iconic Australian pest, redback spiders usually inhabit warm, dry places. In addition to the stereotypical redback in the outdoor toilet, you’ll also often find them in window sills, tins, boxes, and sheds. Male redbacks are smaller than their female counterparts, and don’t
actually bite. Female redbacks, however, do bite, and their bites can be painful and cause illness and even death.


Arguably one of the most annoying general pests, fleas are most commonly found on cats and dogs. Fleas bite, and their bites can be itchy and irritating – or worse, if you happen to be allergic. Generally, fleas will live on your cat or dog. They don’t live off these animals for
very long. However, areas frequented by these animals can also become hotspots for fleas.


You’re most likely to run into bees and wasps during the warmer months of the year. Bee stings can be painful, however an individual bee can only sting you once. Wasp stings are also painful, but wasps can sting multiple times. They’re also more aggressive than bees.


Bird lice infest baby birds. When the birds fly away, their lice will often migrate to human homes in search of food. These lice are microscopic pests, so they can be difficult to recognise. Paper lice inhabit quiet, damp, warm places. You’ll often find them in stored food,
wall voids, and even behind electrical outlets.

Mites are another microscopic household pest. They can be found practically everywhere in your home. Some varieties of mites, such as dust mites, can cause allergies and even illness, so it’s important to control their populations.

carpet beetle

Carpet beetles seek out fibres from animals, such as wool. You’ll often find them attacking woollen sweaters or carpets woven from wool or other animal fibres.


Case moths love fibres of all kinds and origins. You may find a case moth infestation in woollen clothing, furniture upholstery and carpets, in down or feather quilts and cushions, in roots and leaves, and many other places.


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We have used Defence Pest Management pest control services for a number of years and each time we have found them to be friendly, reliable and thorough.
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There’s nothing more unpleasant than sharing your family home with unwanted guests such as bugs, spiders, and other household pests.

That’s why our technicians offer a fast-response Brisbane pest management service – so you can enjoy the benefits of a general pest treatment as soon as possible.

The process is simple, and straightforward. First, you call us or book online. We take the time to explain what’s involved in a pest treatment. We recommend the most appropriate treatment for your property, and explain why we recommend it. Our aim: to give you the information you need to make an informed decision about protecting your home.

Next, our qualified technicians get to work. Using the latest equipment and products, they apply a safe and appropriate pest control treatment to rid your home of uninvited pests. It’s that simple.




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