Rochedale is part of the group of suburbs located south of Brisbane. It is considered an outer southern suburb that is located seventeen kilometers south-east of CBD. The area was named after Rochedale, a homestead built by the Roche family in 1868.

In 2009, Rochedale expected an exponential increase in its residents. An increase from 1,200 residents to over 17,000 in just a span of fifteen to twenty years. Attributed by the Brisbane City council’s approval of ‘Rochedale Urban Community Development’ where bush and farmlands is to be developed into housing estates.


In 2011, a census conducted to determine the total population of Rochedale gave the result of 1,092. Of the total populace, 49.5% were females and 50.5% were males. The median age of the population was 43 years old, which was 6 years above the Australian median at that time.


  • Income ($/weekly): An average household living in Rochedale is likely to have a median income of $1,298 weekly, with an individual median weekly income of $557.
  • Employment: The labour force of Rochedale consists of 57% full time workers and 28.1% part time workers with an unemployment rate of 6.2% as per the 2011 census.
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): Established Couples & Families make up the largest percentage of people living in Rochedale (17.9%); Followed by Older Couples & Families (17.6%); Elderly Families (16.8%); Elderly Singles (11.5%); Independent Youth (11.2%).



With Rochedale sitting closely to neighbouring suburbs, it is easily accessible through public transports such as bus routes. Specifically, The Mt Gravatt Bus Service serves as a primary means of transport to surrounding areas such as Eight Mile Plains and Burbank among others.

It is also convenient to be riding your own private vehicle going around Rochedale, especially since the Pacific Motorway is just located west of the suburb.


Rochedale has its state school – Rochedale State School; St Peter’s Primary School, and Redeemer Lutheran College to address its residents’ needs. For options, neighbouring schools such as Eight Mile Plains State School is within easy access as well.


Rochedale has several amenities and facilities open to the public for purposes of meeting other basic needs. Aside from schools, government services, and health care, the suburb has a lot to offer whether it is indoor, outdoor, or even sports. With several parks easily available for relaxation under the sun. Shops, cafes and restaurants may not be abundant within Rochedale, however, neighbouring Underwood and Eight Mile Plains makes it available and are just within 3 to 5 kilometers away.