New Farm


One of Brisbane’s long-established suburb, New Farm, is now a prosperous suburb by the river. It is just 2 kilometres from the CBD. The suburb is mostly surrounded by the Brisbane River and the northern end is marked by Fortitude Valley and Teneriffe.

New Farm was once called the ‘Little Italy’ of Brisbane due to a mass of Italian immigrants settling in after the second world war. In the late 1980’s, the suburb had a drug-addled low down reputation. However, over the last 20 years, the suburb has gradually developed to be one of Brisbane’s bustling suburbs. Now, the suburb is adorned by large Queenslanders with tree-lined streets and apartment complexes, iconic parks and entertainment precincts.


Based on, New Farm had a population of 11,330 as shown in the 2011 census.The total percentage of the population comprises 49.9% females and 50.1% males. The people who lived in New Farm had an average age of 36 years old – a year below the Australian age at the time.


  • Income ($/weekly): An individual living in New Farm earns $925 a week on average. The median household income, on the other hand, is $1,620 per week.
  • Employment: The labour force of New Farm includes 68.9% full-time workers and 22.9% part-time workers. The suburb has an unemployment rate of 4.3%.
  • Lifestyle and People (Top 5): As stated on, the biggest percentage of people living in New Farm is composed of Maturing & Established Independence (25.5%); followed by Independent Youth (25.2%); Older Independence (12.5%); Elderly Singles (11.3%); and Older Couples & Families (8.3%).



Going just about anywhere from New Farm is easy with numerous bus stops all over the suburb. The locals can go to the river’s edge to catch a relaxing CityCat ride to and from the CBD and other suburbs. Also, New Farm is pretty generous when it comes to cyclists. There are a number of cycle pathways for everyone to use. Locals are truly spoilt with commuting options in New Farm. In fact, most places are just a stroll away.


There are two primary schools in the suburb: New Farm State School and Holy Spirit School, which caters to students from Prep to Year 7. Although there is no high school in the suburb, there are a number of high schools in the nearby suburbs, such as All Hallows School and St Joseph’s College.


New Farm is home to the Brisbane Powerhouse, an iconic premier entertainment landmark. The suburb is one of the best destinations for entertainment with multiple shops and cafes along Brunswick Street. Similarly, the New Farm Cinemas on the corner of Brunswick and  Berker Street is surrounded by multicultural restaurants. The New Farm Park at the eastern part of the suburb is encircled by sports clubs and there is a library nearby.