Kangaroo Grove

Kangaroo Groove

Kangaroo point is considered an inner suburb of Brisbane and is located directly across the Brisbane River from the CBD. It was one of the earliest suburbs settled in Brisbane and is considered as one of the oldest suburbs established.

Going into the suburb from the north, you will be welcomed by high rise apartments, while the view going to the southern end is mostly filled with low to medium density apartments and houses. On the northern area of the suburb, the Story Bridge connects Kangaroo Point to the CBD and Fortitude Valley, Woolloongabba to the south, and East Brisbane to the east.


Kangaroo Point has a total population count of 7,000 based on the 2011 census. It comprises about 48.3% females and 51.7% males. Its residents’ median age is 35 years old, two years below the Australian median age.


  • Income ($/weekly): The median income of an individual living in Kangaroo Point is $910 a week and the median household income is $1,679 a week.
  • Employment: The labour force of Kangaroo Point consists of 67.2% full-time workers and 23.1% part-time workers. The suburb has an unemployment rate of 5.2%.
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): The biggest percentage of people living in Kangaroo Point is composed of Independent Youth (30.9%); followed by Maturing & Established Independence (21.8%); Older Independence (12.6%); Older Couples & Families (10.9%); Elderly Singles (8.0%).



Residents in Kangaroo point is spoilt with choices when it comes to commuting. The Story Bridge, Captain Cook Bridge and the M7 Clem Jones Tunnel grants easy access to the north; the Southeast Freeway to the south grants easy access in and out of the suburb by your private vehicle. For those wanting to take public transport, the suburb is serviced by buses as well. Another great way of commuting is by the CityFerry, which will easily take you to the city.


Within the suburb is St Joseph’s Primary School, which caters to students from Year 1 to 7. Although Kangaroo Point has no state school of its own, it is fairly close to other schools in the area. East Brisbane State School is just a little ways off to the east. Apart from that, Brisbane State High School, among others, to the west offers a secondary level of education for its residents. The suburb has many Colleges in and around the area for students aiming for a higher level of education as well.


In terms of major attractions, Kangaroo Point is certainly the go-to place for a fun filled weekend. Given its close proximity to the city and the South Bank Parklands, it easily stands at the top of the spot. The suburb is well known for one of the best picnic spots in Brisbane – Kangaroo Point Cliffs, which also offers a breathtaking view from the top. The cliffs are also a popular choice for rock climbing and abseiling.