Ellen Grove


Ellen Grove is one of Brisbane’s southern suburbs and is considered an outer suburb. It is located twenty kilometres south-west of the CBD. The suburb was named after Ellen, R.P. Spink’s daughter- the first owner of the land, who was often sighted playing with the local aboriginals in a grove of trees along Bullockhead creek. Ellen Grove was then gazetted in 1962.

The suburb is connected by two arterial roads: the Centenary Highway which stretches from north to south, passing through the middle of the suburb, while the southern boundary of Ellen Grove is bounded by the Logan Motorway. In 2009, the suburb was extended significantly to the north and south, which contributed to a large increase in population from 351 to 5,209.


Results from the 2011 census revealed that Ellen Grove had a total population of 2,529 people, 51% of which were females and 49% were males. The median age of the suburb was 28 years old, 9 years below the Australian median at the time.


  • Income ($/weekly): An average household living in Ellen Grove had a weekly median income of $865, with an individual median income of $380 weekly.
  • Employment: Of the people living in Ellen Grove who qualified as being in the labour force, 57.5% were employed full time and 24.7% were part time workers. The suburb had an unemployment rate of 12.1%.
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): Older Couples & Families make up the largest percentage of people living in Ellen Grove (20.5%); followed by Established Couples & Families (18.5%); Maturing Couples & Families (13.9%); Young Families (9.6%); and Independent Youth (9.4%).



The suburb has easy access to multiple train stations nearby, giving its residents multiple options for commuting. It is also connected to the Logan Motorway and the Centenary Highway going through the middle of the suburb from north to south, making it easy to access the surrounding suburbs and the CBD with a private vehicle.


Whilst there are no immediate schools in the suburb, there are multiple schools in the nearby area such as the Grand Avenue State School, a primary school at Forest Lake, and the Forest Lake State High School. Families also has the option to send their kids to other educational institutions found in the neighbouring suburbs, including Carole Park and Camira, among others.


Although Ellen Grove lacks a major shopping centre, it has easy access to a couple of supermarkets in the nearby Forest Lake and Springfield. However, the suburb has a lot to offer when it comes to other recreational activities. The suburb offers multiple skating rinks, a public swimming pool and a sports park. With Forest Lake and Springfield granting access to a wide range of amenities as well, you will never run out of things to do in this suburb.