Considered as one of Brisbane’s outer suburbs, Durack can be found 15 kilometres south-west of the Central Business District.  The boundaries of this suburb include Serviceton Avenue, Rosemary Street and Sycamore street in the west; Blunder Creek in the east; Oakmont Avenue and Freeman Road up in the north; and down in the south are Blunder Road, Inala Avenue and Doolandella.  

Before settlement has progressed in this area, people/landowners utilise this place for cattle grazing, farming and especially timber-getting.  The name of this suburb was in fact taken from one of its original landowner, Michael Durack.  However, it wasn’t until 1976 that it got its name officially.  It was through a local newspaper ‘naming competition’.  


The total population reflected by the 2011 census for the suburb of Durack resulted to 6,177 residents.  The females comprise the 51.6% and the other 48.4% are the males.  Its populace has an average or median age of 38 years.   

  • Income ($/weekly): On an average, an individual residing in Durack comes with a median income of $476 per week.  As to the families, the average household median income for a week is $939.    
  • Employment: Unemployment rate in Durack was found to be about 8.0%.  Census also revealed that of those employed, 60.9% have full time jobs as opposed to the other 25.2% who have part-time jobs.   
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5):  If the residents are to be assessed according to lifestyles, it is most likely to result to this – Elderly Singles (21.0%); Older Couples and Families (14.9%); Independent Youth (14.7%); Established Couples and Families (10.9%); Maturing Couples and Families (8.5%).


Going around the area of Durack, if you are not up to driving your own vehicle, it should be wise for you to know where bus routes are visible.  Public commuters can wait for bus route 110 if they want to be anywhere near the Salisbury railway station or Brisbane CBD.  Richlands railway station, on the other hand, can be reached via bus route 466.   


Durack comes complete with solutions for those families with kids in need of education.  This suburb has quite a number of institutions to offer as good options.  There is the Inala State School which, mind you, is actually situated in the suburb of Durack.  Also another good option would be the Glenala High School which back in the days was under the name of Inala State High School. Other choices for schools to send your kids to include Durack Primary School which used to bear the name of ‘Serviceton State School’, and the Australian International Islamic College which was established and started its operation back in 2002.       


Durack is one of the suburbs of Brisbane which is able to retain its rural atmosphere while it thrives.  The residential set-up of this suburb pushes it (as a community) to keep providing for the residents and visitors alike their most basic needs through the facilities and amenities available.  Although it is without an abundance of shops, it is near the Acacia Ridge and Inala town centre.  

Apart from the relaxing parks within the area, residents can go to the bowling club located in its eastern part if they want to dine and unwind.  There is also a caravan park and a dog showground to visit.