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Dealing with Pests in Autumn

While you relaxingly sit in the living room after enjoying a satisfying dinner one autumn night, you suddenly hear some strange movements in the kitchen. Then there’s the sound of the fork falling into the sink – but there’s no one around – so you quickly get up to check. And as soon as you reach the kitchen, you see a rodent racing into the hole in the wall. Just when you thought that was all you had to deal with, a cockroach flies across the room, almost towards your direction. You either find a way to get rid of it, or you scamper away.

Why Are These Pests Coming Out?

There are several types of pests our team at Defence Pest Management have to deal with, varying almost every season, as there are various types of pests trying to invade Australian households all year round. In autumn, when the cold begins to settle in, rodents will search for a shelter that will keep them warm and a place where they can breed. Wall openings and roof voids will be their perfect choices. Cockroaches will also be a constant presence.

Managing the Autumn Pests

Pests will stay in your house for the warmth and the food. So before they even break-in, you can take preventive measures to avoid them from invading your space:

  • Watch out for openings and seal them off. No matter how small the crack or opening, if a rat can fit or an insect can crawl in, then they can just easily find their way inside and around your house. Reduced openings and crevices, lessen the chances of you welcoming invaders. If you need to have your door or windows opened, you can install screens for protection.
  • Clean up the house. Food and water are necessary for their survival, and it keeps them attracted to staying in your place even longer. Wipe the tables, get rid of spills and food crumbs or any leftovers that they can feed on. Make sure you also seal your food in containers or places that they cannot access.
  • Rubbish should also be properly disposed of, and rooms and other areas of the house where the pests can be hiding should also be inspected and cleaned up.
  • Get some help. If you are having a hard time getting rid of these pesky invaders, Defence Pest Management is at your back. For years, we have been providing affordable pest control solutions for residents who need to rid these unwanted visitors from their homes.