If you look into the suburbs down the southwestern part of Brisbane, Darra might interest you.  Its is about 14 kilometres from the Central Business District and one of the older suburbs.  Several houses here, are in fact those Queenslanders you only see back in the 1940s and the 1950s which can give you that wonderful vintage feel for the place.  Darra has a high migrant population which probably brought about its repute as a resident-friendly suburb.  

Although it is residential, the suburb of Darra is also industrial in that it is developing more of its area with more commercial and trade coming in.  Today, it has come a long way even for its name which is the aboriginal translation for ‘stones’.   


A census conducted in the year 2011 revealed that Darra has a total population of 3,838. Of its total populace, the suburb has about 48.2% female residents and 51.8% male residents.  The median age of its populace is 32 years old.   

  • Income ($/weekly): Those living in Darra comes with a median income of $464 per week per person.  Households have total median income of $1,119 on a weekly basis.  
  • Employment: Darra comes with an unemployment rate of about 8.1%.  The workforce of this suburb (inclusive of those 15 years old and above who are already working) are divided into 58.4% full time employees and 27.5% part time employees.    
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5):  The lifestyles of the Darra residents yielded to the top five being – Independent Youth (21.4%); Maturing Couples & Families (13.2%); Maturing & Established Independence (13.1)%; Older Couples & Families (12.1%); Established Couples & Families (11.3%).   


Brisbane’s CBD is without a doubt within easy access to if you are coming from Darra.  Bus routes are highly visible all around the area of this particular suburb.  Its neighbours Inala and Mount Ommaney provide good access points for bus routes to take you there too because of the Centenary Freeway and the Ipswich Motorway.  

Taking the train is not going to be too much trouble as well because of the existence of the Darra Railway Station.  Regular train services are provided by Queensland Rail City network.  There are trips to Brisbane CBD, Ipswich, Springfield and Rosewood.  You will find the railway station in between the railway stations of Oxley and Wacol.


Many young families are looking into the advantage of living in Darra primarily because the needs of schooling children can be easily met here.  The suburb has two primary schools which are the ‘Our Lady of the Sacred Heart’ and the ‘Darra State School’.  Because one is a state school and the other a private Catholic school, it presents a good diverse choice for students or families with kids in need of learning.  Both schools are conveniently located in blocks right in front of Darra Station Rd and Scotts Rd.      


Without question, Darra is a complete package of a community any family would love to live in for years.  It comes with providers for the family’s needs from the basic and more.  There are good restaurants of diverse cuisines, local food markets, bowls club, indoor sports centre, gym, parks and several other amenities being built.  Darra builds more than just infrastructures, rather, it develops a community for the holistic growth of its populace.