Coopers Plains


A former convict settlement established in 1828 – this is perhaps what most people would recall upon the mention of Coopers Plains.  This suburb is rural and has remained that way until the 1940s.  Today though, what would welcome you upon your entry to Coopers Plains is a modern residential community, all complete with amenities and facilities enabling it to thrive even more.

It was originally ‘Cowper’s Plains’ as it was named after the assistant surgeon, Dr. Henry Cowper of Moreton Bay penal settlement, who stops by during his trips to Ipswich.  Its name only became Coopers Plains after it was corrupted and finally turned into how it is presently called in 1877.  This suburb which belongs to the federal electorate of Moreton has its kickstart of progress upon the opening of its first post office in 1876.  From then on, it developed into the community that it is now.     


Coopers Plains has a total population of 4,208 based on the census conducted in the year 2011.  The percentage of females reached 49% while the males make up the remaining 51%.  This suburb has a median age of 34 years old which when compared to the Australian median is actually three years below.     

  • Income ($/weekly): Individual residents in Coopers Plains have a median income of $489 each week.  The median household income comes at a weekly rate of $1,063.  
  • Employment: The employed residents of Coopers Plains are divided into full time workers and part time workers.  The first ones total to 56.5% while the latter reach 28.8%.  The unemployment rate of this suburb is 8.5%.   
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): If the lifestyles of the residents of Coopers Plains is to be observed, it is likely to show that the top five are – Independent Youth (18.5%); Established Couples and Families (15.9%); Older Couples & Families (12.2%); Maturing & Established Independence (11.4%); Elderly Singles (11.3%).


Public transportation in the area of Coopers Plains is the least of the concern for its residents and visitors as there are bus routes available.  Bus routes can be accessed by those who want to travel from the city to Garden City and Parkinson.  Both Sunnybank and the Great Circle Line come with scheduled stops for these public buses as well.   

The suburb of Coopers Plains has a railway station of its own – the Coopers Plains railway station which was first made available in 1885.  Commuters can find it at the Beenleigh line, formerly known as the South Coast Railway Line.  


Coopers Plains is able to offer its residents quality learning through the famed local educational institution, the Coopers Plains State School.  Part of its main mission is to give its students quality education without having to compromise the social and community engagement one requires to develop holistically.  Coopers Plains is able to address the needs of its people to be educated from preschool to primary and even present the option for co-educational learning through Brisbane Christian College found in Rockwood Avenue.       


The thriving residential suburb of Coopers Plains effectively addresses its people’s basic needs and more.  Here you will find schools, libraries, churches, hospitals and shopping centers.  For lazy afternoons you can always count on the suburb’s parks or perhaps take a sip of good coffee at cafes you are likely to find around.  Today, a visit to this suburb would give you the feel of modern living yet, the urban air about it when it used to be a penal settlement is still there.