Building Inspection Report

What to Expect in Comprehensive Reports

Every time your property undergoes a building and pest inspection, our technicians from Defence Pest Management will provide you with the findings on the condition of the property and any occurrence of pest infestations through a comprehensive report. An electronic copy of the report may be sent out and another hard copy will be provided to the party that has requested the inspection.

How We Conduct Pest Inspections

Since our aim at Defence Pest Management is to help property owners maintain their homes by getting rid of pests and preventing potential infestations, we thoroughly search every room of the house and all accessible areas including subfloors and roof spaces. Pests that linger inside buildings don’t make it easy for humans to find them, so they will hide in places that are not frequented by human residents.

Their hiding areas also usually provide them with the most ideal condition for survival, allowing them to continue growing in number without being noticed. Our inspectors, with the use of the newest technology in pest inspection, will look through all possible locations of nests and colonies, and note telltale signs of infestations that could lead to where the pests could be hiding.

Details That You Will Find in the Report

Our comprehensive report will have a checklist of the areas that have been accessed and inspected by our technicians. The condition of the structure during the time of inspection will also be documented. Some areas that we will inspect for pest activity are:

Interior Areas

  • All accessible rooms
  • Roof void
  • Subfloor

Inspection in the interior area will likewise include the inspection of walls, doors, windows and other parts of the home interior, especially those that are made of timber.

Exterior Areas

  • Lawn or yard
  • Objects in the yard that may be susceptible to infestation
  • Exterior structures that are part of the property

The report will include any potential threat or risk of infestations as well, such as the presence of decaying wood in nearby surroundings or other timber objects lying around your yard that could attract pests into your property.

If we have handled or are aware of previous pest treatments conducted on your property, this may be detailed in the report as a reference.

Most importantly, if pest activities have been detected in your property, the report will include the most effective method of pest treatment and management that our team can recommend for getting rid of the pests found in your home.

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Understanding Building Inspections

For property owners, whether you are currently living in your own house or renting it out to tenants, you know that the most important responsibility is maintaining your property. Hence, we recommend at Defence Pest Management that you have your house inspected on a regular basis, to ensure that you conform to the standards of the Building Code of Australia.

Building inspections are not just a means to know that a structure uses high-quality and durable materials, but also to ensure that the property can provide safe and healthy habitation for all occupants. Property inspections can be done as part of a regular routine for property maintenance, and are also conducted on properties that are being put up for sale (pre-sale or pre-purchase inspections).

What Is Included in Building Inspections

During building inspections, a technician will visit the property to examine all accessible areas and documents any findings about the property. Any visual damages and problems will be documented. A building inspection report will highlight the condition of the property at the time of inspection, and this will be given to the property owner. With this report, the property manager or owner can determine if there are areas of the home that require repairs and any issues that may lead to future problems.

This is why a building inspection is also important for property buyers so that they can get an idea of the condition of the property in which they are interested, allowing them to make an informed decision about purchasing the house.

In detail, a building inspection can help identify:

  • Chipped floor tiles,
  • Damaged floorboards and ceilings,
  • Cracked fixtures,
  • Leaking pipes, and
  • Jammed doors and locks.

What is NOT Included in Building Inspections

One common misconception with a property inspection is that it is the same as a pest inspection. In some cases, homeowners are surprised to know that the building inspection report does not include findings about pest infestations in their property.

Building inspections and pest inspections are, in fact, two different things. Although both involve the inspection of the property, building inspections are limited to investigating the visual condition of the house. On the other hand, pest inspections are specifically done to determine whether or not your home is infested with pests and if there are any risks of future infestations.

In addition, pest inspections are also conducted to help you identify and choose the most effective methods for combatting pests, such as termites, cockroaches and rodents.

If you are a property owner, you can opt for just a regular building inspection. Or, if you suspect that there are pests lingering in your property and want to make sure to avoid the risks of a significant infestation, then our technicians from Defence Pest Management can help with locating these pests.

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What You Will Find In Comprehensive Reports

When a pest inspection is carried out by Defence Pest Management, a comprehensive report will be provided as a reference on the findings of our inspector. Comprehensive inspection reports are given to clients so you will have a detailed overview of what to expect if you purchase a home and to help you make an informed decision. In these cases, it is recommended that you opt for an inspection before you acquire a property to make sure you will not need to spend more on structural repairs.

If you already own the property, the building inspection report will help you keep track of the condition of your home and any pest activities in the past. This allows you to have a better understanding of the risks of infestation and the ways you can address them.

What Is Included in the Report?

During the inspection, our team will note down every problem and all other findings they have about the property, including the current condition and the possible risks of future infestations. After the inspection is completed, these findings will be documented in the comprehensive report.

For pest inspections, the report will include the details of any significant damage caused by infestations of termites and other pests. The activities of pests that affect the structure, as well as their access points and degree of damage if left untreated may also be noted down. The potential risk of future infestations and the possible entry points, whether indoors or outdoors, will also be included in the report.

Next Steps After Obtaining the Inspection Report

Once the cause of damage has been identified by Defence Pest Management, specifically the type of pests causing the damage, we will suggest a plan of action that can be undertaken to control the pests and treat the infestation.

The solution can vary from the use of chemical barriers such as liquid termiticides, or using the baiting method to get rid of an entire colony. The type of treatment will also depend on the type of pests, as well as how they are known to react to specific methods.

The course of action will then be implemented and the treatment can be reapplied as often as necessary, but in most cases, it can last for several years.

In addition, we will let you know of further risks and recommend measures to prevent pests from coming back. We also advise you that you keep your inspections up-to-date and conducted at least once a year to ensure that hidden problems are not missed out.

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How Pest Inspection Services Can Help You Build Trust

Whether you are a property manager, real estate agency or individual property investor, you know how important it is to maintain a property. Keeping it free from infestations and structural damages is a crucial measure in ensuring that the property maintains its highest value, regardless of its age and the number of previous occupancies.

Convenient Monitoring of Possible Infestations

Defence Pest Management makes property management and property acquisition even easier for you with the help of our building and pest inspection services. We know how big of a deal it is to sell or purchase and live in a home where the family can enjoy comfort and safety without not having to worry about dealing with repairs.

Our team works hand-in-hand with property managers and investors in conducting thorough inspections, making sure that every part of a property – both indoors and outdoors – is not only inspected for existing damages and infestations, but also checked for possible risks of future problems. These problems can then be avoided as preventative measures are set in place.

If any existing problem is found, we will take all the necessary steps to get down to the root of the problem and come up with the most appropriate and effective solution. Our team uses the latest technology and up-to-date methods for getting rid of pests, controlling infestations and preventing future damage.

Treatment for All Types of Pests

Not only do we specialise in treating termite infestations, but we handle treatments of most types of pests, including spiders, ants, ticks and fleas. This means that regardless of which pest you need to deal with, you don’t have to go anywhere else as our team will be ready with a treatment plan. We will also provide you with a recommendation so that future infestations can be avoided.

All findings and recommendations will be documented, which you can use as a reference for future inspections. Defence Pest Management also provides regular annual inspections so you can continuously monitor and prevent any infestations in your property.

Build Trust and Credibility

Property managers and real estate agents make use of our services to provide their clients and prospective buyers the guarantee that they will be getting the best value for their investment. Moreover, a detailed and complete property inspection will build trust and credibility for property sellers and managers. At the same time, for property investors, this will help you make sure that you are paying the right price for your investment.

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Defending Real Estate Properties Against Pests

If you are a property investor, a property manager or agent, then you should know the importance of pest inspections before you invest in a property. At Defence Pest Management, we can provide you with vital information you need to know about the property you are eyeing to invest in.

Pests can seriously damage a property and it is utterly dangerous if they are hidden from sight. There is no way for you to know the extent of the damage and the negative impact such damage can have on the value of the property. If you happen to invest in a property that did not go through full pest inspection, then you are risking investment in a property with lower value.

No Guesswork Investment

Our company eliminates the guesswork in property investments. Our in-depth pest inspection can detail pest problems that may be present in the property. There could be hidden termites that are already foraging in the timber portions of the property.

Not investing in a pest inspection can be quite risky. If you are selling the property for a profit and the buyer happens to have a pest inspection conducted, then you could lose at the negotiation table. With our pest inspection service, you are well informed beforehand if there are pest treatments that need to be done to raise or maintain the value of the property. If the property is seriously infested, it may be very difficult for you to find interested buyers for the property.

If you are buying a property, our pest inspection service can help you evaluate the true value of the property. You can fare better in negotiating for the price for the property, considering the additional work that you need to put into the property to make it a worthwhile investment.

Pest Management Services for Real Estate

Should there be pests found during inspection, Defence Pest Management can provide vital pest control services to remove existing pests. We use proven techniques to eliminate pests from the property.

We can also provide pest management services to rental properties. If you are running several rental properties, whether as an investor or as a property manager, you can benefit from our pest management service to ensure that your rental property is kept in good condition. This will help you build a good reputation among tenants and would-be tenants.

Protect yourself from unpleasant surprises because of hidden pests and pest damage in your property investment. We guarantee that you only get the best services to protect your investment.

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Property – An Ongoing Investment

Many of us have awoken to the fact that property investment is a sure fire, long-term solution to financial freedom. It is not just the big tycoons who are putting their money into property. Mum and dad investors are also multiplying across the country.

As the title suggests, property is an ongoing investment. To ensure your new investment is kept in optimum condition it is important to get a few things right.

Obviously, the first thing you need is a clean, reliable tenant who will look after your property and pay the rent on time.

Once this part of your mission has been completed, it is important to offer a pest free home to your tenant. It will not only give them peace of mind and show that you are willing to work with them in partnership but also ensure the long life of your asset.

Arrange Regular Pest Inspections and Treatments

Invaluable termite control and indeed all pest control does not need to be a big issue provided regular inspections are carried out by a reputable team such as ours at Defence Pest Management.

All our inspectors are experienced and qualified in a large range of inspection detection technologies and treatments. With the wide range of treatments available today, we believe it is our job to detect not only pest issues, but also to offer the best solution possible to treat and prevent re-infestation.

To this end, all our staff members attend regular training to ensure their knowledge and skills are always on the cutting edge.

Pest Confusion

For most people, when you mention pests around the house they automatically think of the creepy crawly kind of pest such as spiders, ants, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bees, moths or termites.

Whilst we offer reliable ongoing service and inspections for pests such as these, our services extend past these boundaries. We are able to offer service, treatment and advice with regard to rodent and bird control, including bird lice.

Pre-purchase building inspections and other real estate services are also part of our friendly service.

Great Add-on Specials

We like to reward our customers for selecting Defence Pest Management by offering great add on solutions to help keep your home in tip top condition. Currently we are offering a free spider treatment with every termite inspection.

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Get Tough on Pests

You can detect the presence of critters in your home if you know where to look. The problem is that it can take some time before you realise that those critters have caused damage to your home. The one sure way to determine if you have a pest problem is by hiring a professional to conduct a thorough inspection of your entire home.

You can control pests by using store-bought do-it-yourself products. However, putting baits here and there is a minor solution to what could probably be a bigger problem. In addition, the chance of the pest problem recurring or you failing to solve a significant portion of the problem is very high. A pest control expert will come in handy if the pest problem in your home can no longer be managed and controlled through do-it-yourself methods alone.

Defence Pest Management offers treatments for various types of common pests, including termites, rodents, bees, ants, spiders, cockroaches, bird lice, and more. One of the company’s technicians will identify the pests that are causing problems to your home and recommend a good solution. If you are purchasing or selling a property and you need expert pest inspections performed on it, then avail of the company’s competitively priced real estate services.

Full Pest Management Services

Defence Pest Management will help you from start to finish. The company employs a comprehensive systematic method that entails pest prevention implementation, continuous monitoring, baiting and regular meticulous inspections. The company’s team of experts will execute the pest control plan and confirm that the pests have been successfully eradicated.

The company distinguishes itself in the competitive market for pest control by including prevention methods, not just treatments for pest problems, in its service portfolio.

Advance Technology

Tried and test technology is used to make sure the building inspection is detailed and that potential problems will be detected quickly and efficiently. The company uses as little invasive technology as possible in its inspections to limit damage to the home. Being on the cutting edge of pest control technology, allows the company to provide the best service possible.

Customer Service

Services are provided by highly experienced and courteous technicians. In addition, the company offers excellent customer service, from start to finish, whatever type of assistance the customer needs.