In the list of Brisbane suburbs, Calamvale is perhaps popular for it is one of the highly populated areas where there is an estimated 20,000 residents living there today.  This suburb is about 18 kilometres away from Brisbane’s Central Business District.  It is also close to the Karawatha Forest.  Rankin is the federal electorate it belongs to.  

The name of this suburb was taken from one of the earliest settlers in this area who also became quite a prominent landowner back in the days, James Calam.  He and his family built their homestead in the area which became known as the Calam Road and it rests on top of a hill.  This place is near Beaudesert Road.  Even when it was popularly known as Calamvale, this suburb was only listed officially in the year 1972.  It is in this property that the famed Calamvale Hotel was later built, when the Calams sold their property to the McGuire family.     


The population of the suburb of Calamvale was recorded to have reached 15,291 in the year 2011.  The breakdown of its population according to gender resulted to 50.9% being females and the other 49.1% being males.  The median age of residents in Calamvale was 6 years younger than the average Australian, which turns out to be 31 years old.   

  • Income ($/weekly): Individuals (as per the 2011 census) have a median income of $629 each week.  An average household comes with the median income of $1,605 per week.  
  • Employment: The working populace of this suburb is comprised of 61.1% full-time employees and 26.9% part-time employees.  Unemployment rate in Calamvale is 6.7%.  
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): The lifestyles of the residents of Calamvale come as follows – Older Couples and Families – 19.3%; Independent Youth – 18.3%; Established Couples and Families – 14.8%; Maturing Couples and Families – 12.2%; Maturing and Established Independence – 10.5%  


Since Calamvale is a highly populated suburb, bus routes are ever present.  Brisbane Transport and Park Ridge Transit offers about 9 bus routes for its public commuters.  Under the TransLink zoning scheme, Calamvale belongs to Zone 5.  Train stations are just 5-minute drives from this suburb because although it has no station of its own, commuters can access services through Altandi and Runcorn.  Of course there are those who also opt to driving their own vehicles in getting around the suburb.  Going to Brisbane’s CBD would only take about 30 minutes to do so.  


If you are looking for schools in Calamvale, this suburb will not fail you.  You can choose from the Calamvale Community College, Stretton State College and even a school for those with special needs – the Calamvale Special School.  The first two institutions can accommodate more students where the Calamvale Community College is accepting students in need of primary and secondary education.  Stretton on the other hand offers schooling for those in prep up to year 10.      


Living in Calamvale gives you access to most anything you need.  This particular suburb has shopping centres around Kameruka Street.  If you want a larger marketplace, you can check out Woolworths down in Nottingham Road.  Opposite of the Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown Complex (just next to the Calamvale Hotel) is also a newly opened shopping centre – the Calamvale Central.  You can count on several options for your different needs if you are a resident of this suburb.