Brookfield is one of the suburbs of Brisbane which was well forested back in the days making timber-felling a key player in this area.  Dating to as far back as the 1850s, logs from this suburb were being rafted down Moggill Creek up to the Brisbane river which today presents reminders because of the Rafting Ground Reserve.

Located at about 13 kilometres west of Brisbane’s Central Business District, Brookfield is a suburb which is largely rural.  With its acreage of properties, you are likely to feel like you are living in the countryside.  Settlement followed after that turning it into a rural-residential suburb.  Its name was thanks to one of the early settlers, Lucinda Brindlecombe.  


A census conducted in the 2011 for the suburb of Brookfield resulted to a total population of 3,702.  The median age of the residents is about 4 years old.  Dividing the populace according to gender will give you 50.1% females and 49.9% males.    

  • Income ($/weekly): An individual resident of Brookfield at that time has an average weekly income of $783.  As for an average household, the weekly median income is about $2,683.    
  • Employment: Brookfield has a low unemployment rate – approximately 3.7%.  Its employed residents, those considered part of the labour force are divided into full-time and part time workers.  Full-time employees comprise the 56.2% while part-time employees comprise the 35.7%.    
  • Lifestyles and People (top 5): Lifestyles of residents are grouped according to the following Older Couples & Families (30.6%); Established Couples & Families (30.6%); Elderly Families (12.8%); Maturing Couples and Families (6.2%); Older Independence (4.7%)


Going around the suburb of Brookfield, the area sits closely to other neighbouring suburbs making it accessible through public transport such as bus routes.  Bus route 435, in particular, serves the suburb including others like Kenmore, Chapel Hill and Indooroopilly.  There are times stops in streets like Winrock, Boscombe and Gold Creek Road at the Brookfield Village.    

It is also convenient to be riding around your own private vehicle if you want to go about your daily business in Brookfield.  Other residents also rely on the Personalised Public Transport (PPT) which is operated by the TransLink Services as it is able to reach places in Brookfield by means of routes connected by the Upper Brookfield coverage.  


Residents of this suburb can avail of education through the Brookfield State School.  Quality learning is made possible through this institution for years 1-6.  Preschoolers are also welcome to become part of this school.  For options, neighbouring schools such as the Our Lady of The Rosary School, Kenmore South State School, Kenmore State School and Upper Brookfield State School are within easy access as well.        


Aside from schools, Brookfield is with several other structures and amenities which are open to the public for purposes of meeting other basic needs.  As weather in Brookfield is mostly sunny, it is almost always perfect to be outdoors.  This suburb is with several parks for relaxation and leisure under the sun.  Also, it is with several local attractions such as monuments and other historically significant structures.  Shops, restaurants and cafes may not be as abundant here but neighbouring Indooroopilly and Kenmore can easily give you these.  Brookfield remains to be one of the few suburbs which will let you in a peaceful rural life because of its large acreage yet give you near access to Brisbane’s city life.