Brisbane City


Brisbane City, whose name is derived from the Brisbane River which greatly defines its appeal was once mockingly called a “big country town”. Nowadays, it is a melting pot for various cultures and a haven for privileged lifestyle.

The CBD is not much of a primary choice for residence for most Australians who prefer the more quiet vibe of the surrounding suburbs. However, due to its promise of more opportunities for career advancement, Brisbane City has become a place where multicultural millenials choose to live in.

As most of its population comprises the younger generation, the nightlife is as lively as expected with live music of every genre permeating the cheery air every night. Foodies will have a field day with the dining scene at the CBD as it is dotted with an array of restaurants and food carts that will cater to pretty much all of your cravings.

Due to its steadily growing population, accommodations have been rising along with the growing demand for it and, as a result, new high-rise apartments and establishments have been emerging here and there and are now sprinkling the Brisbane City skyline.


Population: As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the number of people residing in Brisbane City is 255, 659 in 2015. 129, 819 of which are males and the remaining 125, 840 are females, with the median age of 32.8.

Lifestyle and People (Top 5)

  • Independent Youth – 47.1%
  • Maturing & Established Independence – 15.9%
  • Older Independence – 11.5%
  • Older Couples & Families – 9.8%
  • Elderly Singles – 5.7%

Income ($/weekly) – The average income by a single person is $867. The average household income, on the other hand, is $1,732 per week.

Employment Profile – 65.1% (over the age of 15) are employed full time, 25.6% do part time work. The unemployment rate in Brisbane City is 4.7%.


  • Brisbane Transport – A bus service operating under the TransLink integrated public transport scheme, which is a business unit in Brisbane City.
  • Queensland Rail City network – made up of 10 suburban lines mostly servicing the city’s north, east and west sides.
  • CityCat – a high-speed ferry service which operates along the Brisbane River. A popular commute with tourists.


  • Brisbane City State School
  • Brisbane Girls Grammar School
  • Brisbane Grammar School
  • Brisbane Boys’ College
  • Stuartholme School

Clubs and Sports

Major sporting events hosted by Brisbane:

  • Commonwealth Games (1982)
  • Goodwill Games (2001)
  • Rugby World Cup (1987)
  • Cricket World Cup (1992)
  • Sydney Olympics (2000)
  • Rugby World Cup (2003)
  • Rugby League World Cup (2008)

Major sporting venues:

  • Suncorp Stadium
  • Queensland Sport and Athletics Centre
  • The Gabba
  • Sleeman Centre
  • State Tennis Centre
  • Ballymore Stadium