Bracken Ridge


Bracken Ridge is situated about 18 kilometres of the CBD and is part of Brisbane’s northern suburb. The southern border of the suburb is marked by Telegraph Road while the east is bordered by the Gateway Motorway then cuts through Bracken Ridge going north-west.


Bracken Ridge has a total population of 16,799 as shown in the 2011 census. The total percentage of the population is comprised of 51.2% females and 48.8% males. The people who lived in Bracken Ridge had an average age of 35 years old, 2 years below the Australian median age.


  • Income ($/weekly): Individuals living in Bracken Ridge has an average income of $658 per week. The median household income, on the other hand, is $1,511 per week.
  • Employment: The Bracken Ridge labour force comprises 62.5% full-time workers and 27.4% part-time workers with a 4.8% unemployment rate.
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): The biggest percentage of people living in Bracken Ridge is comprised of Older Couples & Families (23.0%; followed by Established Couples & Families (19.4%); Maturing Couples & Families (13.3%); Older Independence (8.7%); Maturing & Established Independence (7.9%).



Bracken Ridge is serviced by multiple train stations going to the city. The closest ones going to the city are Bald Hills station, Sandgate station, Deagon station and Zillmere station. Another option is to take the bus, there are numerous bus stops and a couple of bus stations within the suburb.


Bracken Ridge has a number of primary and secondary schools and educational institutions. The schools in the suburb include St John Fisher College – an all girls high school, St Joseph’s Primary School, Norris Road Primary and Bracken Ridge State High School. Bracken Ridge also has special educational establishments such as the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE.


There are numerous shops, clothing boutiques, and fitness centres within the suburb. Shopping strips along Barrett Street and Gawain Road, a Coles Supermarket down south at the corner of Norris Road and Telegraph Road. Another shopping centre is located north of McPherson Park, hosting the Phoenix Bar at the Bracken Ridge Tavern and Woolworths to the east.
Aside from shopping strips and shopping centres, there are numerous sports clubs, churches, an indoor sports centre, a City Council library and a number of parks within the suburb.