Bowen Hills

Bowen Hills is one of the inner suburbs of Brisbane located three kilometres northeast of the Central Business District.  It was originally called ‘Barrambin’ by the indigenous Turrbal people who were the first occupants of the area.  After a time, Europeans came to settle in this part who then called it ‘York’s Hollow’ based on the fact that the area was almost all bush.  It provided for a great fighting ground for the blacks, as they used to see it. 

Finally, Bowen Hills got the name from the first Governor of Queensland, Sir George Ferguson Bowen.  Today, this suburb thrives to be a community with most needs for its residents just within easy access to as its population continue to grow alongside the several rise of residential apartment complexes.    


In 2011, a census conducted to determine the total population in Bowen Hills gave the result of 1,744.  Of the total populace, 43.2% are females while the other 56.8% are males.  As for its median age, the result showed that it was 31 years old, which at that time was 6 years below the Australian median.  

  • Income ($/weekly): An average household living in Bowen Hills is likely to have a median income of $1,458 each week.  Its average individual, on the other hand, has a weekly median income of $791.  
  • Employment: Of those working in this particular suburb, the percentage of full time workers was 69.7% as per the 2011 census.  The part time workers reached the percentage of 21.2%.  This suburb has an unemployment rate of 5.4%.    
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): If it was the lifestyles of the people living in Bowen Hills that you are going to consider, you are likely to gather the following top five result – Independent Youth (38.6%); Maturing & Established Independence (24.8%); Older Independence (11.9%); Elderly Singles (8.1%); Maturing Couples and Families (5.4%).   


Considered as one of the busiest in Queensland when it comes to the operation of its railway station, Bowen Hills get services from the Queensland Rail City network in all forms.  It even includes express trains.  Majority of the services are actually making stops at this suburb’s station, specifically come the peak hours.  

Access to Bowen Hills, whether entry or exit is in no way posing a problem to commuters and drivers alike.  Clem Jones Tunnel, the Inner City Bypass and the Airport Link Tunnel make it possible for interconnections – the TransApex infrastructure plans of Brisbane coming alive.  


In the area of education, the suburb of Bowen Hills has its state school to address its residents’ needs.  The Bowen State High School has been providing excellent learning for its studentry in about five decades already and is commended for being such an established institution.  In fact, the Queensland Government awarded it as one of the regional winners for excellence in education in 2015.      


Bowen Hills has several amenities and facilities to ensure that a well-rounded community is provided for its residents – from the basic up to the leisure, and even sports.  Aside from schools, railway stations and shopping centres, residents of Bowen Hills can bask under the sun for some lazy afternoon walks, picnics or ball kicking at Bowen Park or the Perry Park Stadium.  This suburb also comes with a live theatre – the Twelfth Night Theatre.