In the long list of Brisbane suburbs, Bellbowrie used to be just part of another suburb, Moggill.  It is residential in nature, with several amenities able to address the needs of the residents from the most basic (including education) up to the need for fun and recreation.  Many visitors are in awe at the sight of the Brisbane River which gives emphasis on the suburb’s natural scenery highly visible when one is relaxing on its parks.  

In 1973, the suburb of Bellbowrie was given its independence and name by the Lord Mayor at that time through a ceremony conducted in the shopping plaza.  What used to be just a large housing estate then, has later evolved into a total package of a thriving community of progressing people famed for their commendable community spirit.    


The suburb of Bellbowrie was found to be with a total population of 5,413 based on the census conducted back in 2011.  The females form the 50.9% of the total group while the remaining 49.1% were males.  Its residents have a median or average age of 37 years old.     

  • Income ($/weekly): An average individual living in Bellbowrie comes with a median income of $691, on a weekly basis.  The average household has a record of $1,918 weekly median income.   
  • Employment: Bellbowrie’s unemployment rate is rather low – 3.8% which is a good sign for its residents.  The workforce of this suburb comes with 58.4% full-time workers and 32.3% part-time workers.    
  • Lifestyles and People (Top 5): The lifestyles of the residents of Bellbowrie was scrutinized and the highest five in the result was as follows: Established Couples and Families – 24.5%; Older Couples and Families – 23.5%; Maturing Couples and Families – 13.6%; Elderly Families – 6.8%; Maturing & Established Independence – 6.8%   


Since the suburb of Bellbowrie is pretty much a place where everyone seem to know everyone else, it speaks of how it is geographically – that you can get to most anywhere you need to be quite easily.  Most residents opt to driving their own private vehicles around the area.  For those who love or need to take public transport, there are bus services in key areas.  The 444 Buzz bus and the 443 City Express bus are available especially during peak hours.  


Families with kids needing education will find many options for childcare or preschool.  Sugarwood Street is where you will find the Mother Duck Child Care & Preschool.  Others can also check out the neighbouring suburbs like Anstead and Moggill for this particular need.  At about 1.08 kilometres away from the main area of Bellbowrie, the Moggill State School presents itself as a good choice for sending students for primary, secondary and tertiary education.      


Bellbowrie has quite an offering for its residents and visitors alike.  One is likely to find the needs addressed easily with a local Coles Supermarket around, as well as churches, medical centres (vet, even), parks and sports clubs.  From its shopping plaza, going east would lead you to a swim centre and outdoor playing fields.  Most importantly, the picturesque and tranquil Brisbane River will always be within one’s view.