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Protecting your Home

For all homeowners, the idea of their homes being overrun by pests is a particularly scary one. The problem is that various pests, once established, can be difficult to eradicate completely. This, in turn, can cause problems for you and your family. Dangers Associated with Pests in the Home Pests in the home can be […]

Avoid Sharing Your Home With Spiders

Even if you’re not one of those people who shrieks in horror upon spotting a spider, you’d probably rather not live with one – or many – of them in your home. When you set about purchasing a new home, you’ll undoubtedly have it closely looked over by a reputable building inspector; such an examination […]

The Dangers of Timber Pests

According to research by State Forestry, 1 in 3 homes will have some form of timber pest damage. That is quite a scary stat – what it means, in principle, is that you or at least one of your colleagues could have timber pests in the home right now. What’s so Bad about a Few […]

Getting Rid of a Hive

We all know that bees are an important part of the pollination chain but that doesn’t mean that we want them setting up homes in our gardens. You need to deal with them in a safe and environmentally-friendly way. What Kind of Nest is It? The first step is to identify what types of pests […]

Eradicating Silverfish Infestation

Silverfish are wingless insects that appear silvery in colour because their bodies are covered with fine scales. Their bodies are flattened and narrow gradually to the rear like a fish, thus the common names “silverfish” or “fish moths”. Adults have two long antennae and three long tail projections. These nocturnal insects prefer to stay in […]

Ensure Your Home is Protected and Pest Free

Termites! They can ruin a beautiful timber home quicker than you can build it. Such is the incredible force of these tiny insects if they are left to their own happy devices. As its name suggests, a colony of the destructive subterranean termites usually resides underground in the soil. They can, however, also live quite […]

Different Types of Termites

Australian homes are susceptible to termite attacks. In fact, it is expected that every home will one day be attacked by termites and it is just a matter of time before they experience such a problem. To protect your home from problems caused by termites, you will need a good understanding of how they thrive […]

Dealing with Norway Rats

One of the most dangerous pests that could infest your home or business is the Norway rat. This rodent is considered to be the largest of the pest species, weighing around half of a kilogram as it reaches adulthood. This pest is a good climber and swimmer, so you can expect it to be very […]