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A Guide to Balcony and Deck Maintenance

To those of you living in homes or apartments with balcony or deck, I’m sure you understand how big of an advantage it is. It provides an extra living space that will serve as your haven for relaxation and entertainment. Be that as it may, there are certain rules that you have to follow when […]

Mount Gravatt East

Mount Gravatt East makes up one-third of the district that is Mount Gravatt, which got its name from Mount Gravatt (mountain) being its most prominent landmark. The suburb is located 8 kilometers away from the Brisbane CBD.

5 DIY Remedies to Keep Fruit Flies Away

Fruit flies are a nuisance. Imagine yourself enjoying a meal and then suddenly, you are being swarmed by tiny insects trying to have a taste of your food. Not only are they an annoyance, they also pose threats to you and your family as they carry diseases by contaminating food with E. Coli and Coliform […]

Brisbane City

Brisbane City, whose name is derived from the Brisbane River which greatly defines its appeal was once mockingly called a “big country town”. Nowadays, it is a melting pot for various cultures and a haven for privileged lifestyle.

Stingless Bees: Tetragonula and Austroplebeia

Australia is home to over 1500 species of bees. 10 of these are stingless, honey-producing bees such as Tetragonula (formerly known as Trigona) and Austroplebeia. There are a variety of names given to these bees such as native bees, native honey bees and a peculiar one called sweat bees which was named such because it […]

Bracken Ridge

Bracken Ridge is situated about 18 kilometres of the CBD and is part of Brisbane’s northern suburb. The southern border of the suburb is marked by Telegraph Road while the east is bordered by the Gateway Motorway then cuts through Bracken Ridge going north-west.


Bulimba offers a mix of village charm and contemporary elegance. The suburb is located east of Brisbane and is 4 kilometres north-east of the CBD, on the southern bank of the Brisbane River. The suburb is bounded by Balmoral, East Brisbane, Hawthorne and Morningside.