One of the western suburbs of Brisbane, Queensland which is about 16 kilometres south-west of its Central Business District, Anstead is located on the northern bank of the Brisbane River.  Its name is from its original land owner who was a timber getter and quarry master around the period of 1860s, John Anstead.  Before the suburb was gazetted in 1975, it was actually part of the suburb of Moggill.

Majority of its land was used for farming and cattle grazing.  There are also some quarrying activities and did not affect much of its population as it remained minimal until the 1930s.  Significant development come highly noted from the 1970s up.  To date, Anstead is considered a rural-residential suburb.     


Population: There are about 1,527 people living in Anstead in 2011 according to the census conducted.  From the total population drawn, a percentage rate of 50.4% was accorded to females while the other 49.6% are found to be males.  The median or average age of people here at that time was 39 years old.  

Lifestyles and People: (Top 5)

  • Older Couples and Families – 28.9%
  • Established Couples and Families – 24.1%
  • Maturing Couples and Families – 11.3%
  • Older Independence – 7.8%
  • Elderly Couples – 7.3%

Income ($/weekly): Individual residents of Anstead come with a median weekly income of $755 and the households come with the median weekly income of $2,293.  

Employment Profile: Considering the employed residents of this suburb, the percentage of those with full-time jobs is 59.7% as compared to those holding part-time jobs being 32.1%.  Unemployment rate during this time in Anstead is 4.4%.  



  • Bus – It should not be a problem if you live within the area of Anstead and you are looking into public transport as your means to go about your day-to-day routine.  Bus schedules are quite frequent in this area.  There are bus stops in Moggill Road (near Pinjarra Road and at Mt Crosby Road).  A nearby bus stop is also accessible for commuters in Pioneer Cres.  


  • Cycling – There are those who prefer cycling over other means of transport and that is also possible here in Anstead.  But apart from it being a means to go around the suburb, it is also great to make it part of your recreational and health regimen with Anstead providing many trails ideal for cycling or mountain biking.   


When living in Anstead, kids are also able to find good quality education from primary to upper years in school.  Options for school include schools in Moggill like the Moggill Primary and Moggill State Preschool.   

Sports and Recreation

Keeping a healthy, active and fun lifestyle while in Anstead is definitely possible.  One of the prides of this suburb is the Anstead Bushland Reserve.  Here, family-residents and visitors alike can enjoy a day of bushwalks, horse riding and picnics.  There is also a play and kick area where kids and adults can have a go at their favorite sport.