As part of the Southern Suburbs of Queensland, Annerley is 5 kilometres from the CBD.  Annerley is primarily a residential area with two key nodes being the Annerley Junction and Chardon’s Corner.  These are both retail and service hubs found in Ipswich Road.  The suburb of Annerley has a size of about 284 hectares or 3 square kilometres where much of it is elevated and lying on a ridge making it a great place to view the city.  

Although Annerley has for many years been considered a bit rundown, today it has become an eclectic mix of residences where all socio-economic levels commune.  This is all thanks to the restoration of many original “Queenslanders” by owners who were pushed by the rise in housing cost.


Annerley comes with a total population of 10,664 according to the 2011 census.  32 years of age is the recorded median or average age of the people in Annerley at that time.  Females make up the 50.2% of the total number while the remaining 49.8% are males.     

  • Income ($/weekly): Individual residents have a median income of $697 each week.  A regular household on the other hand has a median income of $1,385 weekly.  
  • Employment: This suburb comes with an unemployment rate of 6.0%.  Of those who come part of the labour force, about 59.6% come with full time employment.  The other 29.4% are with part time employment.     
  • Lifestyles and People (top 5):  The top 5 lifestyle trends of the residents of annerley according to the 2011 census show that 27.1% are independent youth, 20.9% are maturing & with established independence, 10.8% are the older independents, 9.3% are established couples & families, and the 9.2% are older couples & families.  


Public transport in annerley is the least of the concerns for residents where bus routes along Annerley Road come quite frequent.  There is also a close train station which is Fairfield.  It is but a 600-metre walk to Annerley Junction so it will not be as tasking to get there.  Still travelling around this suburb is convenient for most as they opt to drive their own private vehicles.


There are 3 famed schools in Annerley namely Junction Park State School, Mary Immaculate Catholic Primary School and Our Lady’s College.  The first one is a government co-educational primary school catering students up to year 7.  The second one, with a nickname of “Marymac” is a Roman Catholic co-educational primary school also catering students up to year 7.  The last one, is also a Roman Catholic School however is a secondary school with classes from year 8 to 12.


If it is amenities you are looking into while in Annerley, it should please you to know that they have the essentials including a bank, a fire station, a post office, a police station and schools.