alderleyBelieved to have been named after the rich suburb in Manchester, Alderley is part of the group of northern suburbs of Brisbane.  It is 7.5 kilometres away from the CBD and is bustling with modern homes and several remains of old Queenslander homes as well.  Though it is an established residential area, this suburb also boasts of commercial establishments.  

This suburb by the north was originally a vineyard built by the Raymont family.  Suburbs bordering Alderley include Newmarket (south), Grange & Stafford (east), Ashgrove & Enoggera (west), and Everton & Kedron (north).  Alderley takes pride of its historical ‘Alderley Railway Station’ and post office, structures which have been in existence for over a hundred years.


The population in Alderley has increased judging by the 2006 census and the 2011 census whereby the number rose from 5,068 to 5,679.  Residents, if grouped according to gender, the date would show that 51.1% are actually females as opposed to the males with 48.9%.  The median age of residents in this suburb is 4 years younger than the average Australian which is 33 years old.   

  • Income ($/weekly): The median income for an individual in Alderley is $870 per week.  A household on the other hand has a median income of $1,787 weekly.
  • Employment: This suburb as an unemployment rate of about 4.2%.  Those who are living in Alderley who are part of the labour force are assessed to be with a percentage of 62.3% who are working full time and those working part time are about 28.3%.   
  • Lifestyles and People (top 5):  Residents fared according to lifestyles yielded the following percentages – Independent Youth (21.9%), Established Couples & Families (14.0%), Maturing & Established Independence (12.8%), Maturing Couples & Families (12.1%), and Older Couples & Families (11.6%).   


People in Alderley have minimal complaints when it comes to transportation whereby there is easy access to bus and train.  More improvement is in fact expected with the major upgrade on the local train station.  Add to the fact that you can easily drive around the area on your private vehicles, getting around this suburb is not a problem at all.

Bicycling is also encouraged and supported in Alderley.  There is a bicycle path network connecting you to over 40 kilometres of bicycle paths.  You can easily get to as far as Redcliffe using these paths.


Educational institutions may not be found in the suburb of Alderley, itself, but this does not mean that there are no available means for education in this particular suburb.  Schools nearby can be attended by the kids including the Enoggera State School and Everton Park State School.  Enoggera State School is within walking distance and the Everton Park State School is accessible via the bicycle path network.     


If your definition of the perfect suburb is one that has fitness and fun, then Alderley is the right choice for you.  Because it is surrounded by parkland, Alderley has several shady areas with well-maintained nature locations in abundance.  One of the more popular parks is the Grinstead Park playground.  
There are also several sporting clubs and fitness centres in this northern suburb.  The emerging of more facilities is also expected with the new Alderley Square Complex in place.