3 Must Dos in the Garden in Spring

Deciding on what to plant and what not to plant in Spring is not much of an issue anymore since we all know the weather allows us to plant ‘almost’ anything we want.

Here are some things you ought to try this Spring.



The best way to enhance the beauty of lavender plants is to keep them well maintained.

It’s nice to have them expand when they are flowering. However, as soon as they finish, cut off the flower stems and trim them back to a more desirable size and shape.

The plant will continue to grow healthily when kept relatively compact, at the same time, giving enough space for other flowering plants to flourish.



Hydrangeas grow best from cuttings during this season.

Just find a healthy growing stem and trim it off to the length of 10 cm. Remove the lower leaves and cut the other leaves in half to maintain water retention while it is still growing its roots.

Plant the cuttings in pots and water them well. Make sure to place them in a protected area until they have grown their own roots, then transfer them into bigger pots.



The increase in the population of slugs and snails greatly depends on the conditions of your garden.

Whatever you are planning to grow, make sure that you prepare an action plan to protect them against pests.

To keep the number under control, you can use slug pellets. However, if you are planning on using pellets while having pets around, make sure they are placed in a pellet holder to stop your pets from getting to them.


*Pest Control Tip: If you grow plants organically, it’s best to use the safest way to get rid of pests. To eradicate slugs and snails, bury a jar in the ground with the lip just above the soil surface and fill it with beer. Doing so will attract these slimy crawlies and drown them.